New handbag dilemma..burberry manor or not?

  1. Hi all,
    It's that time of the year again when I should be tightening my purse strings into a knot, and yet sales are at a major fever pitch, and I can't help being lulled into wanting a new handbag even though I have got four I have still not carried around!! I missed out on the grey marc jacobs alyona which was on sale at harvey nichols manchester with 60% knocked off, and my sister missed out on an anthracite grey large uptown in smooth leather with get this, almost 70% knocked off the retail price :crybaby:They are so hard to come by in that leather finish, and it seems that only harvey nichols here seemed to stock it as all the YSL boutiques never even had them in stock, plus none of the uptowns even went into the january sales according to the SA. Now I'm wondering whether I should go for the larger sized manor bag in beige, they have sold out in all the london boutiques, with no manor bags in the sale left, plus it's sold out online. Now I've always liked the look of the manor bag, especially in the lighter beige as opposed to the black or the chocolate, but even thought it's currently on sale with 40% off, the two left in the store have signs of wear on the rolled up leather handles, and being beige, show up even more than on the chocolate. There are only two of the beige left and one of the chocolate. There is a patent manor in putty too but I'm not too sure, patent seems too high fashion and I prefer the contrast of the gold hardwrae than the silver found on the patent I really need another bag?! Am I only opting for this cos it's the only one of my possible candiates that are actually left in the sale, for now?
  2. Net a porter still has the grey alyona left
    I love it and would have bought it myself if I hadn't already scored a few bags on sale recently!
    On no, we all don't NEED another bag, but we WANT haha. As long as you enjoy having them and don't feel bad about it all the time, I see no problem in another bag (sorry, most of us are 'enablers' here hehe...).
    I purchased the mini manor in tan with check in the sale! I love manor! I think it's a timeless shape...

    Oww, w8 a minute ( I just checked another website for you) heres the MJ again, only more reduced!

    Anyway, I think the manor is a bit sold out everywhere, didn't see them on either sites...
    Hope to have been of some help :smile:

    By the way, I just assumed you were from Europe, because these sites are from Europe as well (although they probably also ship overseas)
  3. i vote for the manor! its my all time favourite burberry bag which i love love love.. was going to get it but wasnt practical as i couldnt fit my laptop in it so got the knight instead!

    anyways. i know this is a far stretch and possibly ridiculous.. but i know that Burberry Singapore both at takashimaya and paragon were having manor bags for 70% off in mini and large size.. last time i checked they had the nickel.. patent black, berry and beige and some other house check manors..
  4. I bought the Manor in Berry red patent leather at Luisaviaroma; as far as I know they still have it for about 630 € (which is 50% off); I haven't seen the Manor in putty anymore (I saw it at Net A Porter) maybe that one is sold out... I love the Manor so if you have the chance to get it on sale - go for it.
    Regina :tup::yes:
  5. This sounds very interesting... I am also looking for a small Manor bag (on sale), so I am going to send a fax to Takashimaya; maybe they also make deliveries to Germany. Do you know anything about customs? Can I get the bag tax free?

    Regina :drool:
  6. Hey you guys, thanks, you have all, 'persuaded' me into opting for the lovely manor, I just need to hide this fact from husband dearest who is my official handbag warden from now until eternity. He took one look into my handbag cupboard a couple of weeks ago and said I didn't need anymore for another lifetime!! Hey Regina could you find out from Takashimaya if they do deliveries to the UK too? You are so fortunate to have the manor in the patent burgundy cos that is a gorgeous colour and style. If I was going for patent I would definitely go for burgundy or black. Valerieteo, I definitely want to know more about the manor in nickel and patent black, any more info on whether paragon and takashimaya do international orders?
  7. Yeah that's true! I just checked it and they do still have some burberry stuff! Last time I looked it seemed that everything was gone, but apparantly not.. ( Although this is a strange website, because sometimes if you go directly to the homepage and try to find the burberry stuff, you can't seem to get there, but if you go via the link you girls provided everything does show up..:confused1:)
    Anyway, do check, there was still a gunmetalcolored and redpatent manor!
  8. Hey Valerieteo, just went onto Takashimaya website and they don't start their ladies handbag sale till the 25th of Jan?! How come you've already seen the manor on sale at 70% :confused1: Oh god, I'm starting to salivate at the idea of a nickel or patent manor at 70% please somebody tell me how to get my hands on one!!!
  9. Hi
  10. Oops typo, thanks roxana, the berry patent does look divine but a bit daring colour wise for me. The nickel isn't all throughout, it's with the Burberry check, I was hoping for the plain leather nickel manor, or beige sans wear and tear a la boutique here in manchester or the glorious black patent :drool:
  11. By the way Roxana, Harvey Nichols sold the alyona for even less than both and net-a-porter, cos I also have to take postage into account, which is why I didn't bother with either. Good ol Harvey Nics had it for £406!!! No wonder it flew off the shelves in both black and grey :sad:
  12. oh ok, but don't forget that 569euros is 427 pounds! So it's not a big difference and they ship for 20 euros I believe...
  13. Ok gals, so I rang up the burberry boutique in manchester and they have placed a beige manor and a chocolate manor on hold for me. Both priced at £537. The chocolate manor is pristine whereas the two beige manors left in their sale both have scratches on the rolled leather handles. Then there is the patent putty manor. I would have loved the patent manor in the black which isn't in the sale. Which do I go for? I originally saw and fell in love with the manor when I first saw it toted by this woman at a gathering at my in-laws. Couldn't tell if it was patent or not from where I was sitting but could not stop oogleing the bag!! It was in the putty/beige colour and it was beautiful. Now several months on, and after carrying the manor in various colours in various burberry boutiques across the globe I couldn't decide which to go for, until they went into sale, and by process of elimination it has been singled down to these three. I would have liked the nickel version or the patent black which is apparently on sale in singapore but hey I don't know what the chances are of me getting those all the way over here. So advice please as I am heading off to burberry tomorrow :shrugs:. On a different note, should I opt for the alyona marc jacobs instead. Been thinking about roxana's words and if I got it for £440 or however much it comes to at, which bag is nicer, the manor or the alyona in grey?
  14. I sent a fax to Takashimaya tonight (they are eight hours fast of CET) and inquired about the Manor bags (in black, nickel and beige) and about shipping to Germany and how much the postage is; I hope I will get an answer soon. I will keep you posted!

    Regina :tup: