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  1. OH MY GOD.
    That is cute!!!
    SO. CUTE.

    I want, I want!

    YES YES YES!!!
    It's available in my area. Me so happy. =D
    Gonna check it out soon, yay!
    This might be my spring purse if I can't find the straw one. I'm so excited.

    Actually, I'll buy it anyway. My Large Madeline will be happy if I did. Okay, this is definitely going on my wishlist. And since I've stupidly missed out on the Straw Tote, THERE'S NO WAY I'm going to miss this one. I need this baby.
  2. Adorable. I haven't seen that exact color but I have seen that bag. It is a great size. Are you going to pick one up?
  3. Do the Madelines come with the scarf or do you purchase it seperately?
  4. It comes with the scarf.
  5. Nice! Is it removable?
  6. I saw it this weekend & I'm glad I did before I ordered it. While the color is still pretty, it's much darker than what shows.
  7. Oooo I hope eventually it'll come in pink trim!
  8. Sadly, no. It isn't.

    I've supplied a picture here, since I'm not good at explaining things:

    Looks like Coach sewn the knot together pretty tightly, and hence the scarf cannot be removed.
  9. Thanks for answering my questions Sari_Luna!
  10. No problem, mm16. I'm glad I could help.

    Really? I best go look at it before I purchase it. I hope I won't be disappointed. *is desperate to get a summer/spring bag*
  11. Very cute and no I have not. I do have that scarf though.
  12. o:huh:OOoo they have it in my area also...I am planning to go see it this weekend.....I need a new spring/summer bag...but is the blue that much darker IRL? cause i like how it looks on the site.....
  13. That bag is really really pretty! LOVE the color!
  14. What a pretty bag! But y'all know I love everything blue!