New Hamptons oblong scarf on

  1. Cute. I think I saw this at the boutique a few weeks ago but am going up today and will report back.

    Love your siggy emoticon!
  2. I like!
  3. Ooo me like!
  4. This is definitely on my wishlist.
  5. OOOO that's pretty!
  6. I was wondering when that was going to come out. I love how graphic it is. *want*
  7. Ooh they're so pretty!! I love the slate
  8. Just back from the boutique and they weren't there. SAs hadn't seen them yet.
  9. That is so pretty! I love the one with pink!
  10. Those are cute. I have been using my scarves a lot lately.
  11. :drool: Mmmm, I was eyeballing that scarf a couple days ago.
  12. pretty, I want the purple one.
  13. i dont think they are new,,, i have one from last year ,,,isnt this the same? if it is the same scarf (and even if it isnt its close enough) its the best thing ever!!! :smile: its sososos cute!


  14. My boutique had them out. The pink one was fabulous!