1. Which color would you choose? I am torn between the parchment and saddle or the mahogany? I really like them both...Thanks
  2. I love this! I love the mahogany, this looks so great in that color! I honestly don't care for either of the other colors, but that mahogany is beautiful!

    What a great way to get both leather and signature rolled up in the same bag!!
  3. I know, I fell in love with this handbag, and will def get one of them. I am still leaning towards the maghoney but the parchment also looks beautiful. Too bad I can't get both LOL!!!:tup:
  4. I was hoping that I would love the red IRL but I didn't....the parchment is okay.......but the mahogany is hot!! I'm trying to figure out how to talk myself into needing another brown bag.
  5. Thanks I have just about decided to go for the maghoney for PCE, (hopefully will get a card) I missed out the last time on the embossed and did not want this one to get away!:yes:
  6. i saw that yesterday! i love the parchment and saddle! it's gorgeous! and the white leather with the C stitching! OMG! i love it! too bad its over $400. i'm still saving up for it! it's even in my signature.
  7. I second the vote for the parchment--such a classic combination! I'm trying to decide between the satchel and the hobo myself, but the color isn't in question...PARCHMENT!
  8. I like the parchment and saddle, it's lovely!
  9. Thanks everyone, I am torn again... I have never been so unable to make a decision. But, I just received the brown signature hippy (which is absolutely gorgeous!) and that decided it for me. I am going for the parchment and saddle.....:tup:
  10. i just bought the medium carryall in mahogany and it is a beauty.
  11. They are both lovely....but I vote for parchment since you have a chocolate siggy already.
  12. How are you liking that hippie??? I LOVE mine! I wear it everyday. Its my new everyday bag. :wlae:
  13. I just got it today, and it is great! I will wait a little longer and switch from my Denim satchel to the hippie. The colors are gorgeous, and its so light, just as light as my favorite ergo's.. I am really happy with this handbag, its a keeper:yahoo:
  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE this satchel- I NEED it. I wanted the miranda until I saw how big it is- I have way too many big bags already. But this satchel in the mahagony?? I'm saving every extra penny I've got, because I know I won't be getting PCE :sad:

    I've also been browsing the chloe forum... seeing the prices there makes me feel like $400 is a totally easy amount to save!!