NEW HAIRSTYLE... please help

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  1. Ok girls I am going to get my hair cut and highlighted tonight... and I am looking for a change. Right now my hair is boob length (lol) and it has long layers it in and I curl it everyday to make the layers flowy. I have a rounder face and sorta look like kelly ripa/rachel ray and i'm 22. please post some ideas!

  2. Just saw this thread so it's too late for me to suggest anything. Curious...what did you end up doing?
  3. I'm curious too !
  4. I want to know too!
  5. Me three!
  6. Me four! :nuts:

    Post some pics, Peaches!
  7. Five!!
  8. Six here!
  9. seven...
  10. Eight :p
  11. nine! post pics if you can
  12. ten!post pics when you can ^-^
  13. lol eleven!!
  14. Twelve!
  15. 13!!!!