new hair?

  1. ok im having a really hard time deciding what I want to do with my hair for cut and color.Im so indecisive on these kinds of things.

    heres me (really bad pic but whatever) lol

    so this is what I am thinking for cut



    and then for color its either out of



    sorry that is so much pics and info.but as you can tell i need some advice.
    so i would appreciate it if you could tell me what cut and color you think would look the best on me

    thanks a bunch!!
  2. Hi these hair styles you want require wavy and lots of volume hair... And your natural hair (which I love) are straight and not much of volume.
    Are you considering a perm? Or are you going to do your hair everyday?

    I think these styles are a little on the edge, for the very young and angry crowd. You are very young, but are you that angry?
    I would suggest a hairstyle like this with your favorite color...
    clickety click

    Also for more inspiration try to find the NYC fashion week pics... I loved the Carmen Mark Valvo show, the Odile Gilbert chignons and the light - fairy - make up...
  3. I don´t agree, I think this style is suited for every young girl, it´s super trendy in France as well -angry or not- .It´s slightly Emo, but softer...
    Yes the pictures are with girls with thicker curly hair, but your hairdresser will probably do smg that looks more like in the first pic ,straight hair, and as you´ll have lots of shorter layers it will be easier to give volume (!?)
    I really really like the color of the last pic, vibrant auburn.
  4. I like this one:
  5. ^^^ I agree. I like that one also. Its fun!
  6. I like the third link for both style and color! Let us know what you choose..and be sure to post pics! ;)
  7. I like them all. With products and scrunching or a curling iron one can get waves in the hair. But to me it is easier to pick a cut to go with the type of hair you have and I feel #1 would be stunning on you. What have you decided so far????
  8. yea i agree with you all about how the style of the hairs i chose are mostly wavy an thick.and unfortunatly i have neither :sad:

    but I think I am going to go with the 1st pic! for both cut and color.I really love it so I think I am going to do that one.I will post pics after!
  9. Third pic for the cut...I LOVE IT!!! I think you could pull off any color of auburn. so the color will be easy!
  10. I love the hair colour in the pic where the girl is lighting up a cig! Now, I don't like the haircuts so much. Maybe it's just where I live, but EVERYONE here has that same cut. It gets old after a while. I'm not saying it looks bad, but IMO, it's too seen nowadays. And it will require you quite some styling if your hair is naturally that straight.

    Let us know what you decide!!
  11. I really don't like any of the cuts. They all look like something say a 5 yo does when they get their hands on scissors for the first time. I do like some of the colors though.

  12. I am going to Toni & Guy in Dallas :biggrin:

    now im kinda starting to second guess my above choices of hair.a lot of people have said that only people with thick hair would look good with most of the hairstlyes i picked out.I was planning on doing the first pic but now im not so sure.

    I actually have had my hair with blunt bangs before (well they were side bangs and i just swiped them over) lol

    thats what it looked like
  13. i have hair just like the girls in the pictures you posted.
    i have SUPER thick hair, and i actually have my hairdresser thin it out a ton. the only bad thing about hair cuts like those/mine is you really have to style it everyday or else it doesnt look good. also, if i shower and night, dry my hair, and go to bed, it looks NASTY in the morning. it really only looks good if i shower that day and then dry/straighten/style my hair.

    they really are high maitenance cuts, and if you arent willing to style everyday then i would suggest something different.