New hair stlye? Advice anyone?

  1. Ok, I've had long hair my whole life and I'm begining to think I need a change but I'm not sure how short to go or what style etc. I'll upload a pic of my hair now and if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I am a red head so all the styles I look at in hair books I can't imagine as being on me in red. Also, I like to hair my hair a bit eighties as I consider myself a child that should have been born a decade earlier lol. What a nightmare!
  2. ^Honestly, I love your hair in that picture! I would love to have waves like that.
  3. Thanky you!!! I have to admit there are days I get out of bed, look in the mirror and go erm yup that'll do. I'm not one for caring how groomed I am lol
  4. I'd grow out the in the front and straighten it out.
  5. Keep the color..looks great on you.
  6. I'm not much of a straightening fan. I can never be bothered so I tend to stick to the way my hair grows lol Not sure whether to just go for a slightly shorter version of what I've got, keep it layered but thinner at bottom. My mum, cousin and grandma are hairdressers and yet no advice from them yet lol
  7. your hair... is so gorgeous. honestly i don't really know what suggestions to give you, but i can say that your hair is absolutely beautiful!
  8. I love your bangs! Great cut =)
  9. I love your hair the way it is. I wouldn't cut it short but just give it a good trim.
    WHat a beautiful color!!!!
  10. Thank you, it's good to hear that my hair is nice lol I normally get my boyfriend calling me Ginge and takin the mik!!! lol
  11. You have the most beautiful auburn hair. My bf has very red hair too and I'm so jealous! Please don't ever dye it!

    I think your hair would look good in layers.