new hair irons

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  1. I recently saw advertised a flat iron, that could straighten your hair and you use it on wet hair. What bran or brands have this ability? Also does it really work?

    I honeslty have very little patience and time when it comes to putting myself together, but was thinking abotu getting one of these irons you can use on wet hair.

    As you woman are much more savy and knowleable about hair products than I am please let me know?

    I think the one I saw was clairol or revlon?
  2. I have one and I like it. You should be aware that it will not dry your hair. You can use it when your hair is a bit damp, to save time. My hair is thick and takes forever to be completely dry, so I love being able to use it when my hair is still a tiny bit wet.

    My hairdresser was appalled when I told him I bought one. He thinks they can only damage your hair. But apparently they're safe?
  3. i saw one at target, it was a revlon and pretty cheap, and it just made my hair frizzy. i returned it.
  4. they scare me i think they would be even worse you hair than a regular flat iron if you hair is almost dry like 95% it wouldnt be bad for you hair but if it is soakin wet ur hair i wouldnt do it
  5. what I apparently omitted from my original post was the reason I am inclined towards a product like this, is because i need to use it on my wig. My wig is a human hair wig, which I wear every day to schoool(student teaching), so that gives me one day to have it washed and set on the weekends, i was hoping that if such a product had pretty good results for soemone who is appliance retarded, that i wouldn't spend tons of money rushing someone else to wash my wig, and straighten and get it back to me all in one day.
  6. reminngton has a GREAT wet to dry hair that you can use.. it cant be soaking though.. your better off give it a blow with the dryer then using it
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