New Hair Cut! (pics) And a question

  1. Ok So I got my hair colored/highlighted for the first time ever yestuday and I think it came out really well! Plus I love how she cut my hair





    So the question is, does anyone know what will help my hair stay red? I know it fades really fast, but I want to keep it red for as long as possible! :nuts:
  2. I think clariol makes something for color and so does Sunkiss(SP) that haireapy
    Your haircut looks good too
  3. You look fantastic! The cut frames your face, perfectly! Love the red highlights! If I wasn't too old, I'd love to try it, but I think I'd get some really weird looks. LOL There are a lot of different shampoos that are formulated for color treated hair, I'd pick one of those.
  4. There is a shampoo and conditioner by artec and the color is (on the tip of my tongue!!) lol I had the same color as you and this really helped maintain the color. ....let me look around for it! I think it was cherry bark...cherry seomthing... Im blonde now and I use the line for highlighted hair. LOVE the stuff! another great line for reds is by Aveda. Love the color. It looks great! For sure look for colored products...this will fade fast!
  5. thanks so much, I'm going hunting for products later tonight!
  6. Another vote for the Artec colour line.
    It was the only thing I used when I had hair that red.
    Also, wash your hair as little as possible with that red.
    Your hair looks great by the way:tup:
  7. Cherry Bark is the name of the color...I looked it Artec. It was the BEST when I had your color.
  8. I LOVE it!!!! The cut is awesome and I love those bright red highlights!

    I second the Aveda recommendation. If you don't want to spend that much, you can get a generic version of Aveda at Sally Beauty Supply (it works really well IMO). Also, John Frieda and Pantene make special shampoos for red hair.

    IMO the best thing you can do to prevent fading is just wash it as little as possible! Kinda gross, but it works :shame:
  9. Wow thats such a change from what you had! To0 Cute Gal! They have all kinds of shampoo's that are pigmented for red hair you shouldnt have ne trouble finding something! Just a warning your probally still going to have alot of fading b/c red color molecules are the smallest so they slip out of the cuticle very easily! HoTT!!
  10. You look fab!! I used to have that same haircolour but all over instead of highlites. Honestly, I never found anything that would keep it that bright for longer than a couple weeks. So I bought a jar of Manic Panic hairdye and would re-apply when it wore off.
  11. Love the red! I wish my hair would hold those highlights! They always fade super fast on me:sad:
  12. its a nice change!!
    i want red hair but im not sure if it would look right with my complexion.
    sorry, dont know anything that helps reduce fading...i need help too cause my black hair is turning dark brown!
  13. IMO, pureology makes the BEST shampoo on the planet for color-treated hair. i used to hilight my hair blond constantly, and when i started using that stuff, people started asking me if i had had my hair touched up, even though i hadn't put any color on it in about two months. it's vegan and doesn't contain the harsh chemicals that strip hair. it actually brightened and renewed my months-old hilights that had been abused with lots of pantene and other terrible shampoos.
  14. The color is very bold..great choice. :tup:
  15. You look good, the cut is great for you face! Your bangs look great!