New hair color

  1. :tup:I redyed my hair today. I dyed my hair yesterday a light golden brown (from blond)---light golden try golden red. Actually it looked OK and my friends loved it but I hated it. So I redyed it today a light/medium brown and it came out stunning. I love it.:yahoo: I just had my hair cut in a super short pixie cut on MONDAY...... I wanted to do something different with the color since I always have it blond blond when it is short. So my next step is to have my SIL frost it but I haven't decided if I will go with carmel or blond highlights. I always did blond before but now think "why not go for a totally different look". Change is good. Any one else doing something new to their hair.
  2. I'm waiting for all the damaged part to grow out. But afterwards, I'm so going to dye it red again! Or a chocolatey brown.. it's naturally almost black and I'm tired of it already. And I've only had my natural colour for a couple months!
  3. Congrats on the hair... I've always wanted to get a pixie, but haven't had the courage yet. do you have pics?