New Hair Color + Clinique Haul!!! :)

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  1. Today, I went to the salon and got some blonde highlights added. Totally not like me, but I felt like changing it up. I usually go darker, but I'm loving the new color. What do you all think? Thumbs up or down?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I also got lots of skincare products and makeup from Clinique. Yay! I just love a makeup shopping spree. I know some people are not a fan of Clinique, but it works great for my skin. Gotta go with what works for you right?

    I was going to go with MAC instead and check out their products and try something new, but I ended up at the Clinique counter instead. For one, when I got to the MAC counter, there was only one girl working there and she was doing a makeover on someone. I kept looking around at products hoping that she'd get the hint that I wanted some help, but no not really. I wasn't there just to pick up a few things. I wanted to ask questions, find out more about the products, etc, but I just didn't feel like she was really willing to help out or anything. Maybe it was just me. Hmm, I don't know. I just didn't feel like a valued customer I suppose. Anyways, I got fed up with waiting around and decided to move on. Her loss. I stocked up at Clinique tonight. The girl was so helpful in answering all my questions and helping me pick products that were best for me. She even did a mini-makeover for me :smile: Bottom line...Clinique got my business tonight whereas MAC lost out. Oh well for them. My haul:


    - Clinique 3 Step System for Type 2
    - All About Eyes cream (reduces circles, puffs)
    - Super City Bock oil-free daily face protector 40 SPF
    - Perfectly Real Makeup 01 shade N (foundation)
    - Quick Corrector concealer in 13 Moderately Fair
    - Blended face power and brush in Transparency Neutral
    - Soft-pressed powder blush in Honey blush
    - Cream shaper for eyes in Eqyptian (beautiful dark green color)
    - Quick eyes cream shadows in Sunlit Palm (gorgeous green) and Sparkling Nude
    - Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Adore
    - Take The Day Off cleansing milk
    - Powder brush/Blush Brush
    - Makeup Brown Cleansers

    Plus, I got three little trials sizes of the 3 step system and a cute bag. What a great day! :smile:
  2. Wow that is a serious Clinique haul! I love Clinique too. Although I do have to say that I also like MAC, especially the studio fix compacts. Maybe the girl was just distracted since she was the only one working?
  3. Yeah, that may have been it. However, the girl at the Clinique counter was all by herself as well but was very helpful and made sure all the customers were taken care of in a prompt manner.

    I'm sure I'll stop by MAC again shortly and hopefully have some better luck. ;)
  4. You look great :tup:

    That is some serious haul!! And btw I love your makeup-- you should post in the FOTD thread sometime :flowers:
  5. Hair color looks great!

    I like some Clinique stuff too. The Color Surge lipsticks are nice. I hardly ever wear lipstick, but I like that one. I love Black Honey in the Almost Lipstick range!
  6. wow, more like a clinique treasure chest!!

    and you look fanatastic!
  7. your hair looks great and your skin is positively GLOWING. maybe i should start using clinique too...
  8. I was going to comment on your skin too - you definitely look like you know what works!!

    AWESOME haul....looks like you had FUN!
  9. Fabulous! I love coming home to a bunch of new makeup. Your hair and your makeup look great, BTW! Oh and Clinique lipsticks totally rock. They're so creamy.... mmm love them!
  10. Your hair color suites you really well, you look great! I'm totally jealous of your haul, nice stuff ;)
  11. You look awesome! and that clinique haul is amazing, I love their moisturizer, it's the best thing I have ever bought.
  12. You look gorgeous! and wow.... you weren't kidding when you said HAUL! I was expecting one or two things... good job!
  13. Me three!

    What kind of foundation is that? Your skin looks sooo creamy! :girlsigh:
  14. You look gorgeous! Your make-up is perfect and your skin looks flawless! Congrats and enjoy your Clinique haul!
  15. Your haircolor looks very flattering on you! Nice choice! And omg look at all that Clinique! Enjoy, that looks like lots of great stuff! I like Clinique, too. They have such reasonable prices and nice products.