New H wallet or Save for a Bag?


Sep 15, 2013
Some of you may remember my saga from last week.

I bought a short mykonos wallet that was too small and exchanged for a long gold silkin wallet with CDC lining. I asked my husband to see if there was a long Mykonos wallet in the H store near his job and if they had it, I was going to exchange my gold for the Mykonos. Long story short, he got me the wrong blue wallet (despite the fact that I gave very explicit instructions and a detailed description) which I instantly hated. When I went to exchange the ugly wallet back for the gold that my husband accidentally got rid of, they had no more in stock at Madison or at Wall Street so I ended up getting a store credit.

I tried going to Greenwich on Saturday to see if they had any silk ins in stock but they were closed for a private event. At this point, I have failed 4x in 3 different stores to get a wallet that I like due to varying circumstances. I'm starting to think it's just not meant to be.....................

That being said, I wonder if I should continue this ongoing wallet saga or just suck it up, keep the credit and save for a bag. I'm thinking of getting a Victoria and would love to get one in Electric Blue (though I'm not sure if they still make it in that color).

Should I just keep going back to H until I find an acceptable wallet that I will use every day or save up to buy my first new H bag? I currently have 7 H bags that were bought pre-loved so a new bag would be a first. However, I do not own any H accessories aside from scarves and a calvi and would most likely use the wallet every day. Right now, I'm using a cheap no name wallet from amazon.

Would love to get your thoughts on this. Thank you in advance!!


Apr 20, 2008
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i'd say still get a wallet
with the wallet you can use it with all your bags. you can't usually use a bag with a bag.

don't worry. it's good too that you're not settling. and you got a store credit so it's just there until your HG wallet comes along.


Nov 14, 2012
Hey Jyy! =)

Personally - I would definitely get a wallet - I just got into H wallets and I LOVE them! They hold up amazingly and are great to use sans bag to a casual night out, etc.

However, I also love love H Bags! I love Blue Electrique and, in case it helps, it is currently available!

Can't wait to see what you decide!


Oct 27, 2008
This is certainly becoming a saga, dear jyyanks!

You've been pursuing the wallet very diligently, and I find that matters—you do that (generally) only when something truly matters. The challenge might be having your heart on a certain color. When shopping pre-loved, it's much easier to look for the desired shade, or wait a bit of time, and have it appear to make one's dream come true. In boutiques . . . the chance is far lower, and I bet that's the case especially in NYC where the turnover is so fast.

I personally can't do their wallets (my fingers are too big for the zippered portions), so I would wait for a cute, cute bag. Like a picotin in a gorgeous color. I tried one on last weekend and nearly walked out with it . . . If my fingers were smaller, however, I'd continue focusing on the wallet . . .

Couture Coco

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Dec 3, 2009
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Well I'm leaning towards continuing your search for your perfect wallet because you already have H bags and a few accessories. My first H accessory years ago was a gold Dogon wallet but I hardly ever used it because it's too big (designed for the big old French francs!) - I tend to use small to medium size bags mostly. But it was still important to me to find the right wallet to use everyday with all my H and other bags. I use my Dogon as a travel wallet and it's perfect for me that way.
Good luck whatever you decide to do!
Sep 17, 2009
I would rather buy a bag since it lasts much longer than a wallet and especially since the price of H wallets is so high.


Apr 5, 2014
I would not give up on the wallet. But with that said, I would take whatever comes first, your first choice bag or first choice wallet. Don't settle just a to spend your credit. Like all things at the Hermes stores, stock is so hit and miss and luck is sometimes required.

I have had 2 wallets. I have a Azap in Epsom and have used it non-stop for the last 5 years until recently when the zipper broke. I took it into H to get fixed and voila, good as new and as an added bonus, no charge to fix. I was sure to get a darker color because my previous H wallet (Dogon) in a lighter color didn't fare as well over time. Wrong kind of leather for color so it looked worn quickly. I do think H wallets are well made and can really last though compared to a black Prada wallet same style (which is why I converted).

A new bag is always fun but a wallet is more useful. GL!


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Aug 23, 2007
Save for a bag. The price of an H wallet is so very close to the price of a Victoria. Also a new bag from the store is an exciting experience! One I hope you will be able to experience soon!:flowers:


Apr 30, 2014
New York City
Get the wallet you desire since you have a wide selection of H bags that can go with your bags. I would saved for the bag since I do not own any H bags. Hope to own a Birkin one day. The prices of their wallet is pretty high so for me I would purchase a wallet from Louis Vuitton.


Nov 26, 2008
Based on how persistent you were in trying to locate the "right" H wallet, I think you will always feel the void until you purchased it. But why the rush? H wallets are not that difficult to locate, even the rarer and popular ones do pop up on H online every now and then. Like with all H items, patience is needed.
I took a long time to pull the trigger on H wallets, mainly because of its price point. There are days when I just pop out to run errands without a bag but my wallet is always with me. It's nice to have a slice of unintended H luxury constantly :smile:


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Jan 31, 2009
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Personally, I would save for a bag but that's me.
In your case, it sounds like you really want a H. wallet, more than a new H. bag.
Like kewave already said, they are not that difficult to locate and they do pop up online sometimes.
So I wouldn't hurry to get one, just wait for the perfect wallet that really sings to you.


Sep 15, 2013
Thank you friends for your wise advice. I love hearing all your thoughts as they help ground me and push me towards making a decision.

You have all made some valid points. On one hand, a wallet can be used for every bag as bailey pointed out but on the other hand as ferrip pointed out, a Blue Electrique bag would be TDF!

I think where I'm getting hung up is the need to get something right now, as opposed to waiting for perfection. Arabesques hit the nail on the head. By purchasing through resellers, I'm accustomed to being able to pick my desired color and seeing the inventory at the touch of my fingertips. The process of having to travel to different stores to find something specific which they may or not have or may never have is new to me, although not new to those who buy often through the boutique. So far, I've only bought scarves and twillys in-store which are readily available.

Thank you all for helping me see that I need to wait and not rush into purchasing something right now, just because I have a credit burning a hole in my pocket. Maybe the silkin is not for me, maybe I do need to look at other wallets in other colors instead of trying to force the issue. Or, maybe I should let fate decide and if I happen to walk in and see the Victoria in a stunning shade, I may fall in love. I am looking forward to the experience of one day buying a new bag at the boutique though I will have to save to get there.

Bottom line is I think as all of you kindly pointed out, I need to take a deep breath and be patient. Next time I go to a boutique, I will look at what's available and see if anything makes "my heart sing" as Chanel pointed out. Thank you for opening my eyes - I was getting so worked up over nothing!