New H Belt!

  1. A little treat for myself this weekend...

    I've been searching for black calf and BJ togo for a long time and serendipity!... perfection with the brushed palladium. :yahoo:
    Hbelt1.jpg Hbelt2.jpg
  2. Congratulations on your new purchase!!!! I have this belt in the Black and Gold. I love it!
  3. Congratulations!! Very nice belt.
  4. Very Nice...I want one myself!

    What do you think you will wear the BJ side with? I've always shyed away from colored belt because I have no idea what I'd wear them with...
  5. So far the BJ side has only been worn with a black top and dark jeans. Am I boring or what?
  6. Black boring...NEVER!

    Congrats it's gorgeous.


    Amanda & Princessfrog, are you looking???? I think both of you NEED this! (MrsS doing alot of enabling here!)
  8. i have a belt in this color combo as well and love it to death!! i'm thinking of getting another one in chocolate box/gold togo
  9. Congrats- the color combo is quite striking!
  10. ^^^LOVE IT!! Gorgeous colors! Congratulations!!!:yahoo:
  11. Fantastic belt, congratulations!
  12. Stunning!! Congrats!
  13. Very nice. That's going to be one nice belt on you...
  14. Very subtle ...I like the color.

    My DH calls it the Husband belt! He can restrain me in case I go crazy at the H stores! Or for when I go astray.....:smile:

    He's got one too
  15. It's Beautiful!!! :heart: Your Color Choices!