New H-bags and belts for summer!!!

  1. Some of you may be aware of the person behind the kelly lakis design...
    His name is Lakis Gavalas and he is a Greek socialite with a closet of more that 500 Hermes bags, major importer of luxury brands and personal friend of many designers!
    Well I was reading this interview in a greek magazine where he talked about the kelly lakis he designed and that he also designed a new bag for Hermes called the Lakis Drag!
    Also he mentioned that his collaborating right now with hermes creative team to create 2 new belts for summer! He actually said that he is part of Hermes creative team after these collaborations!

    No pics were in the magazine but he had 2 photos of him! In the first he was wearing white H-gloves and a scarf made from the same gloves...both vintage!!!!:tup:
    In the second he was wearing an H belt very thin made from crocodile leather with a kelly lock in front! Have you ever seen that? It was so cute!!!:drool:

    Hope you liked this info...sorry for the long post:shrugs:
  2. Please scan and post!:tup:
  3. Hey liberte I don't have as I borrowed the magazine in university from a student! Sorry..
    if I find them I'll post but they don't reveal anything about the new bags!!!
  4. the belt with the kelly lock sounds very promising....... H should introduce it to their everyday line so we normal people can get one too!
  5. Oh yes it was extremely elegant because although it had the kelly lock it was very discreet! and it would be a perfect match with my birkin...ahhhhhh...
    and the size made it a good formal belt!!!!
    Ok I'm drooling right now!
  6. haha now you're making me drool too!
  7. it would be great if you can get your hands on the magazine again and maybe take some pics of this belt... i am really loving the idea
  8. So kind of you to let us know,
    Will look out for it with interest