New Guy to LV!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have recently been VERY VERY interested in LV and made a few purchases within the last month. I hope this obsession isn't going to be too crazy!

    I bought the Abbesses bag this past weekend at the Toronto LV boutique and bought the wallet and belt in the NYC boutique in late August and I definitely want more to add!

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone and show my mini collection I started in August, last month! I also wanted to say that I always look through this site for help and learn random facts about LV and want to thank you guys.
  2. :welcome2: LVoe your collection!
  3. Great collection and I love your name!
  4. Nice collection! Welcome to tPF!
  5. Welcome to tPF -- you'll love it here!!! I love your new LV's!
  6. Welcome! Wonderful collection! Love the belt!
  7. welcome! very nice purchases:woohoo:
  8. Hi! Welcome, I'm fairly new here too. Love your collection and can't wait to see more.
  9. Hot collection! I love your Azur belt...

    I am a guy too... and LV is AMAZINGLY addictive!
  10. Lovely items!
    Love the azur belt...:love:
  11. Welcome and nice Items.
  12. Wonderful collection! Welcome to forum!
  13. Congrats great collection :biggrin:
  14. Great collection! Welcome!
  15. :welcome: and yes, the obsession will become VERY crazy! LOL Beautiful collection BTW