New Guidelines for Health and Fitness Forum

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  1. Hey everyone-

    Hope you all are having a great weekend and enjoying preparing for the Holidays. I wanted to let you all know that there are some changes going to be made to the Health and Fitness Forum.

    This forum is not here to help people discuss unhealthy dieting practices etc. The internet is already bursting with sites that support unhealthy diet and weight loss techniques and I will not allow this to be here anymore- we will not be one of those sites.

    I will personally be deleting and editing posts that arise that I do not find to be conducive to healthy living. This obviously can be argued of what someone finds healthy compared to what I find healthy- but this will be up to my discretion. I will notify anyone whose post I edit.

    Hope this makes sense. Have a great night everyone :flowers:
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  2. Excellent idea Megs. This is a scary trend, and I am glad that the PF is taking such a proactive stand against such dangerous activities.
  3. Great idea Megs!
    So glad we promote only healthy ideas here!
  4. EEkkkk!!! Good Call Megs....I honestly have to say I have not read anything unhealthy so far...(you obvioulsy have) I promote good living! I applaud your efforts! Right on Sister.
  5. Great call Megs!!! :flowers:
  6. Excellent decision Megs!!!
  7. OK I admit, completely cutting out Coke Classic and chocolate covered cherries was a little extreme, and could possibly lead to chocolate deficiency in some cases, but it is working for me.
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  8. ^ lol!

    Good call Megs! I can dig it.
  9. Yeah, the last thing we need is any pro ANA threads around here.

    I have to say, I'm glad this is the type of place where things like that are not allowed.

    Myspace has a bunch of pro ANA groups and it's so sad to see that. Those women have body and food issues and they need help and encouraging each other and giving tips on the best ways to starve yourself or to binge and purge is not the way to do it.

    Good for you, Megs and Vlad!
  10. Excellent Megs!
  11. i'm really glad i dont' have to read about things like that, life is depressing as it is lol...
  12. Hi Megs!

    I was wondering if plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons only is a health - and fitness issue?

    Wouldn't those threads fit better in a "Plastic Surgery" thread?
    I am missing the fitness around here. ;)
  13. One week later and I still find most of the topics rather disturbing.

    Why not open a plastic surgery sub-forum?
    I would really love to read about health and fitness but most of the topics are rather unhealthy and have nothing to do with fitness!
  14. I would love to get an answer! Why not open a plastic surgery subforum? It gets harder to find fitness-threads in the pool of beauty/surgery-threads in the fitness-subforum.

    Thank you.
  15. I think suggestions for new subforums, etc., are supposed to be made in the feedback dropbox.