New Guerlain skin treatment: $1500!!!!

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  1. I received a promo in the mail for a new Guerlain product, Orchidee Imperiale treatment. It's a 4 week treatment and costs $1500!!! I don't use Guerlain skin care, just the bronzer and lipstick. This is astounding!

    Are their skin care products that good? I won't be buying this one, that's for sure.
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    What exactly is the treatment supposed to do?

    $1500 would have to give me no acne, no oiliness, no lines/wrinkles, no dryness, no visible pores, exisiting blemishes/scarring gone, and the ability to not have to wear foundation or concealer. The effects of the treatment would have to last about 2-3 years though, then I would consider it. But I doubt it offers all of that!!!
  3. holy cow! It must be a good treatment for that price!
  4. I just looked up at I see the cream and serum. i wonder what this $1500 treatment consists of? There were some pretty good reviews of the lotion though.
  5. this is the new treatment. i don't know all that much about it but happen to think it looks beautiful :P


    Unparalleled anti-aging results.

    This 4-week intensive and progressive treatment energizes and accelerates the natural renewal cycle of the skin—in 28 days 100% of skin cells are renewed.

    Week 1 and 2 focus on stimulating and activating the regeneration process of the skin with a concentrated and graduated physiological micro-peeling action which allows the skin to absorb an unparalleled gradual increase of IOME(Imperiale Orchidee Molecular Extract) with 10 times the concentration reached by week 4.

    Restructuring agents firm, plump,and maintain hydration throughout the treatment resulting in visibly younger skin.
  6. in 28 days 100% of skin cells are renewed

    LOL this happens anyway.

    Don't get me wrong, I love La Prairie skincare and that is not cheap. But for $1500 they better provide multiple pieces of undoctored photographic evidence. I could spend WAY less than that at an actual dermatologist.
  7. LOL Jane! It IS pretty, but $1500 just made my jaw drop. They say you should do it twice a year---that's 3k :-o! For that kind of money I want to have a flawless complexion.
  8. Wow :shocked:

    I LOVE love love love love Guerlain products. But even if I had $1500 to waste, I still wouldn't buy this. For that much money you could go to a surgeon and get a "real" treatment!