New guccis on bluefly

  1. I was just visiting, and they have some new guccis.
  2. thanks!
  3. I already asked this in a new post but hear it goes again...
    Bluefy at this moment Saturday May 6th has a lrg brown leather tote 12" w/ embossed logo, approx. 1100.00 retail, can someone pls go to bluefly and check it out and tell me if real? And if yu think its a great price and super duper neat for a handbag?
    Then I promise I will learn how to post a thread and send an attachment. Thanks
  4. Hi i checked for you but the bag is gone like the wind. Sorry. They had some kick ass bags last night i can't believe i didn't jump on one. :Push:
  5. I think Bluefly is legit. If I were you I would wait 4 weeks until the official Gucci sale.;)
  6. Pardon my ignorance, but do Guccis ever go online online? I don't live near any Gucci boutiques or dept. stores that sell Gucci, so I am curious if ever has a sale.
  7. yea, does has sales :amuse: