New Gucci Wedges

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  1. I love these....
  2. Shut up. You have them too! LOL
  3. Thats why I love them...HA!
  4. Holllaaa!!!
    pics 470.jpg
  5. Stop hijacking my thread you sho.
  6. I love them! Congratulations!
  7. Oh be quiet you hooker:tup::tup:
  8. Oh da hooker
  9. Awww, I can really feel the love in here. haha Love the shoes!!! HOTTTTTTTTTT! ;)
  10. cute, congrats!
  11. Love em too!
  12. Stop pimpin me out and maybe I could fine respectable work.
  13. Hot shoes girls!
    Sunshine I love the combo!
  14. Love the shoes!! Are they comfortable??