New Gucci Wave Large Boston Bag!

  1. I've officially been designer de-virginized! My first designer bag EVER and I'm loving it! Now I can never go back......uh oh. :push:

  2. Congrats! The bag is very stylish! Welcome to the expensive-taste forum, ha ha!
  3. LOVIN it!!! It's super cute =)
  4. beautiful!!! love ittt..take good care of it though because it's white leather...
  5. ohhhh love the guccissima leather but can't imagine taking care of it. it looks GORGEOUS though -- congrats :biggrin:
  6. OMG! It gorgeous! This is a great first designer bag. Congrats!
  7. Great choice for your first bag. It's a good one, you'll never be able to go back now.
  8. Yeah I've already put on 2 coats of pro-leather treatment and 2 coats of the handle treatment from "loving my bags". I hope that stuff works!!!

    I'm already "window" shopping for my next purse. yikers!
  9. Congrats
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a great first bag!!! I love all white and light bags and this is pure creamy perfection! enjoy
  10. I love it!!! Congratulations!!
  11. yay! bags are an expensive hobby but welcome to the "dark side" as people said to me. hahhaha.. ps- congrats on the purse!! :drool:

    But I'm not going to treat it with anything. The SA said not to touch it because the Guccissima is already coated with something.
  13. wow! congrats, thats such a great bag, I really love the medium version as well... :drool:

    I really want to buy this one sometime, but I really can't spend right now.. ah well.. I have a feeling this bag wont be in the sale that everyone's talking about...
  14. Yay handbags rock!! Good to know about what the SA said...I'll leave it alone for now! :beach:
  15. congrats on your new lovely bag!~