New Gucci Wallet / Make Up Case

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  1. Hi Gucci Fans! I went to Sak's Bala Cynwd today.. Not much on sale in the Gucci boutique :sad:... I imagine a lot sold on presale...I did buy my mom this make-up case for her birthday tomorrow. It was part of the sale I think it ended up being $125 with tax. It looks skinnier than the one posted earlier by lv1011. I really like it. I almost hope my mom doesn't like it so I can keep it!

    I also think I got the wallet of my dreams! There is so much I love about this wallet.
    • I love Gucci logo canvas with off white leather. Some of you know that I have 4 bags in this color combo and a pair of shoes.
    • I also like long wallets in an envelope style.
    • It's a very functional and organized wallet. I like that the zip pocket has 2 compartments and zips open pretty wide. There are tons of CC slots and lengthwise slots.
    • The best part is that you can make it a wristlet or a purse! :yahoo:I love my Coach Wristlets and this Gucci wallet has a detachable strap. It's the best of both Wallet and Wristlet WORLDS!
    This Gucci wallet has everything I want in a wallet and more! The center pocket is pretty wide and could probably fit a RAZR in there. The only downer is that it was $590. :wtf: I had to walk around the store and really, really think about it. But after I thought about all the things I liked about it, I had to get it. It's like this wallet was made for me...:love:
    Thanks for letting me share!

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  2. I LOVE that wallet!!!! I got the one that was higher..looks like you got the one thats slimmer and longe....hehe...I might have to get that if it hits during the sale LOL....but why do i need two? LOL..maybe a pink one?
  3. love ur goodies :love: congrats to mom sweet of u
  4. That is really cute. I like the fact you can use it 2 ways!
  5. very nice, congrats!
  6. I love your new gucci items. I too bought the larger cosmetic case in an off-white/greyish guccissima. I am going to use it as a clutch:shame: hehe. I loves it!
    The wallet/writstlet is tdf! I love the shiny gold chain and the fact that you can fit a RAZR in the center compartment. TRES NICE!! Ooooo la la!
  7. I've never seen that wallet. Great choice!
  8. ooh that's a nice wallet! I'm looking for a wallet too!!! :smile:
  9. Thanks ladies! My mom of course loved her new makeup case so there is no way I get to keep it...But I'm glad she liked it. I think it's her first Gucci! I am also in LOVE with my wallet but I have that new thing syndrome and just keep staring at it and keeping it in the box. I love the idea that it's a wristlet! I will probably attach it to everything and anything that I can carry like a wristlet!
  10. I love the wallet with chain strap. Beautiful
  11. OH that is nice!!!!!!
  12. Congrats.
  13. Congrats! I love the wallet!
  14. I love the bronze guccissima print and that ADORABLE!!!
  15. I want a gucci wallet! :sneaky: