New Gucci to be here shortly!

  1. Well, maybe today...for sure tomorrow, as it was 70 miles away in Memphis at last tracking.

    I've been looking for the perfect bag that I LOVED, not just liked. I found it in the 2007 Gucci Spring/Summer line. Does anybody have this one? The anticipation of seeing it IRL is killing me!! :~)
  2. Congrat!
    can't wait to see you modeling pics :smile:
  3. congrats!!
  4. Congrats!
  5. WOW! This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color.

    On a side note, I ordered the Gucci Belt Bag Saturday Night. I decided to check the status on it because I saw your post. I got an email yesterday that it shipped so I didn't expect it to arrive for a few days but when I checked it again the status said DELIVERED! So it was sitting on my front porch all night until I read your post around 10pm. I thought that was pretty fast!
  6. ohhh congrats...the goldish hue will be so hot this season!
  7. Thanks! But I lied about the "shortly" part. The tracking said Turin, Italy with the Destination of Memphis, and I wrongly assumed it was already in Memphis. Nope. My purse has had quite the experiences in traveling.

    I looked again today at the tracking chart when it didn't come. It had traveled from Turin, Italy, to Bergamo, Italy to Paris, France, and onto East Midlands, UK.

    THEN, it left the UK last night and didn't show up in the US until almost 24 hrs. later, and just departed Wilmington. For where - I don't know.

    Bottom line is that my bag that I had sooo many plans for this weekend it not going to be here before Monday...probably. :crybaby: But I will have one well-traveled bag, that's for sure. :smile:
  8. lol...Sisterhood of the traveling gucci bag??????

    Im sure youll adore it when it comes..SO sucks to wait for a bag...heehee..Im notorious for overnighting everything..cuz Im the queen of impatience!
    Post pics asap when your new baby arrives!!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Sorry you have to wait....but it's worth it in the end!
  11. Ohhh.. Duh.. I thought you ordered from bluefly! sorry - it'll be worth the wait though :smile:
  12. But wait....It's scheduled for delivery TODAY!!! I just checked and couldn't believe it. A lot happened overnight!!!

    Jill, Believe me. I'm the lady-in-waiting of the overnight, if you are the queen. There was no choice with this order. There was only one option and it was this one. The only bag I don't overnight is from eLuxury, because it gets to my door in less than 24 hours with standard shipping. (eLux uses Fed Ex and the Hub is in Memphis)

    I may bite the bullet and get my PHS (son) to take and post pics. He just thinks it's the looniest thing ever how I love purses and have more than one. But I've got to get up the nerve... :~)
  13. It was on my porch while I was talking away on here!!! It is wayyy prettier in person and loaded. (and I loved it before) The leather is smooshy, and it has a sheen to it that doesn't show up in the pictures. It is just gorgeous, imo. It has been such a bad month. Funny how a new bag you love makes things seem a little better.
  14. Again, that bag is totally gorgeous! It's great that you got it just in time for the weekend!
  15. it is gorgina (aka gorgeous - stealing that term from my friend jj!) ! enjoy.