New Gucci Thongs

  1. Yeah or neah???

    [​IMG]Thinking about buying these sandals. They are $390. Do you think they are worth it??? :tdown::tup:
  2. i think they are cute. i would have to buy a purse also to justify paying that much for them sandals, lol
  3. I have last years in cream on sale and I always get compliments on them.
  4. I think they are really cute! But it always depends on if they are comfortable. Have you tried them on in person?
  5. i like the colors!!
  6. i saw the men version at the store yesterday. looks really cute and they gripe your feet so there is no slipping or sliding.

    the only way i would get them is if the Gucci named was emblazoned and I want to show them off. lol

    otherwise, its $390 for a random sandal