New Gucci Store In NY

  1. The grand opening for the new Gucci store in NY is this Friday.
    Is anyone going?
    We are going to check it out on Saturday.
  2. ahhh, can't go!! take spy pics please!! have fun
  3. Is it in NYC?
  4. Yes, you should go. here's the website

  5. aaww so jealous!! wish i was going!! if anyone goes yes please take spy pics... i bet it will be gorgeous........
  6. I'm going at lunch time with a co-worker to get the Gucci Loves NY joy bag and maybe some matching accessories. If anyone else is going, we can make it a party. There's a little lunch counter in the lower level of Trump Tower that has really good salads and pasta and I'm planning on eating there after before rushing back to work. It's right next door. Shopping is hungry work!
  7. Any idea if the I love NY Gucci is a gooe collectiable. Also any info on price
    Have three Gucci, one I bought around 25 years ago and still use them
  8. ^^Hi newcitylady - from what i understand... the I love gucci NY collection is LE.
  9. I was told the price was $650 when I inquired about the bag 2 weeks ago at the (almost) old Gucci location. There is a whole line of Gucci loves NY merch -- everything from keychains to leather jackets.

    Definitely limited and only available in NY.

    Also, they're handing out free cups of coffee in paper cups bearing the Gucci loves NY logo.

    I've never bought Gucci in my life and yet I think I absolutely MUST have one of these bags.
  10. i want a keychain!!! or something small....


  11. Me too! sh*t, I'd take a Gucci loves ny cup!
  12. ^^ lolz... you're hilarious!!!! :roflmfao:
  13. Woohoo. Today's the big day and it's almost lunch time! I'll be back around 2 with a full report. Am I going to see any of you there?
  14. ooo I can't wait to see pics I even ventured out of LV forum for this one LOL
  15. Looking forward to your report!