New Gucci Sandals!!

  1. Last week I posted some pics of the Chanel shoes I bought for the season. These are some of my new ones also. I bought the Gucci Bee Sandals on a whim but I think they are so cute!! Hope you like...
  2. I love those Gucci sandals. I was actually looking at them when I was at the store a couple weeks ago.
  3. I love those! Sooo cute
  4. Love the bee sandals ... very cute!
  5. very cute, i bought the ones with the ankle straps and i'm in love:love::love:
    i like you MiuMius too!!!
  6. OMG those bee sandals are sooo cute!!! Are they only in stores, becuase I don't think I have seen them on the Gucci website.
  7. ooh-Where did you get the MIU MIU's -LOVE them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I got them all at NM. I think Bergdorf Goodman had them on their website under "cruise shoes". I also got a great pair of Manolo "Gravaflat" gladiator sandals that are on their website but I purchased from NM.

    Miu Miu's are from NM also.

    The chunky wedgy shoes are more "me". I love the red Tod's and wear them all the time. The Gucci's are more "itemy" but I think cool!

    Thanks for all the compliments!!
  9. Love those bee sandals, they are just too cute! And the miu mius are adorable:love:
  10. Love them all!! Especially the red Tod's!
  11. I LOVE!! the gucci Bees! I want them soooooo bad! you lucky, luck girl!
  12. great kicks! LOVE the bee sandals too!
  13. love the beige sandal w/the orange and red jewels on heel....very cute. also the thong w/the bee, very cute---what other colors does that come in?