New Gucci Sandals -- to buy or not to buy?

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  1. I lovee these Gucci "romy" sandals. They are very hot (they look a lot better worn), but I can't figure out what I'd wear them with, so I'm sitting on the fence as to whether or not i should buy. So ladies and gents, yay or nay? Thanks!!!

    Also, how do you think these sandals can be worn -- what kind of outfits do you picture?
    gucci romy.jpg
  2. ahh I felt the same way at the beginning of the season about these shoes. They are really really striking, but I worried that the ultra high ankle strap is going to make even the longest legs, look like they are short!

    I saw the piccies of the catwalk shows, and the models looked incredible in them, but then they have ultra long legs, so I am not sure how they would look on normal civilians :biggrin:
  3. I think they are gorgeous! I think you could wear them with a lot of things like gauchos, short and even some longer skirts, or even more casual with some capri length jeans. I saw them today at Neiman's. They are pretty!