New Gucci ring bags ?

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  1. I am looking for a crossbody bag and Gucci v ring bags caught my attention. I couldn’t find any reviews or comments on it. I like that it’s designed to wrap scarf around it : medium ones come with scarfs .
    I just am not sure about the logo . Smooth ring with crinkled gg logo . I can see getting tried of it . What are your opinions ?

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  2. I think you’re thinking of this bag in small. There’s only one size for that so far.

    For this bag in medium, there are two types - one that’s meant for shoulder carry and one for sling. The prices are different, and the ones with the scarves are more expensive.

    I had tried these in store and they were honestly too big for me. They’re able to fit iPads but it does get a little bit heavy. Have you tried them in store?

    For reference, I am 163cm.

    B036309C-BAA6-4DA1-A414-9FBD19772F69.jpeg 28246203-C60D-48BC-B123-752A46C1DBC8.jpeg C3CB352E-4AD0-4F76-9797-46B3B3D78658.jpeg
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  3. In comparison to most Gucci bags I find the hardware restrained and quite classic. Even I would be happy to carry this for many years. Again, it's a reissue of a vintage bag, I think they've done a good job. I wish there was a size in-between the smaller and the Med
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  4. Thanks for photos . It looks very nice but little too boxy I think . It has vintage vibe I like but not for me probably
  5. I haven’t seen in person but I like what I see very much.
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  6. Beautiful bag and it would hold a lot!
  7. I don't know, the bag per se is beautiful but considering that it looks more classic casual (not dressy or trendy) and it's to be worn over your shoulder or crossbody, I find it way too structured and bulky. I like shoulder bags that look like this one, but the Mulberry ones are nicer to me because they're less structured.
  8. Just a disclaimer... there’s a smaller size available that I did not take photos with. Just to clarify, this is the bigger one.
  9. I like the smaller version better. Medium is too bulky imho.