New Gucci Outlet - San Marcos, Texas!?!?

  1. I am headed over to the outlets in San Marcos today, and I wanted to check out the store directory before I went, and much to my surprise it says "Gucci - Coming Soon" in the directory listing.

    Does anyone know when it's coming?
    Jeez... this is going to be VERY dangerous for me...
  2. Its still nowhere near me, but thats always good news. So that makes four now?? Woodbury, Seacaucus, the one in Cali, and now Texas....

    Im moving to Philly soon, Ill only be a few hours away from Woodbury and the NJ outlet. Ive never been to woodbury before. ha
  3. bah! I have to go all the way to san marcos? Well better than nothing! I'll be sure to hit up the Houston Galleria too while I'm down there. Lol thanks for the info:flowers:
  4. i'm rather jealous.
  5. Yes!!!! It's close to me, too! I heard that it's opening at the end of this year. Hooray!
  6. ^ Oh good then I'll be there in December I guess. We should do a tpf meet-up at the new outlet..have some drinks..:drinkup: Hopefully it won't end up like :bagslap: if we fight over a bag we all want..
  7. OMG! Amazing news! I haven't been there in a good while but this a great excuse to go!
  8. :wlae:I take weekend trips there twice a year. I can't wait....If it carries merchandise similiar to Woodbury, it will be worth three trips a year.
  9. I was going to make a trip there over Thanksgiving. I wish it would open earlier.
  10. We're in San Antonio now (only about 30 minutes away), but we are moving at the end of the year. :crybaby:
  11. noooooooooooooo:crybaby: