new gucci makeup bag from gucci sale!

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  1. I saw this on On monday night and JUST HAD TO HAVE IT! It was a great price and I had it overnighted to me along with a pair of dior pumps hehe

    do you like it?

  2. It's really lovely!! I love the guccissima leather :love:
  3. wow thats lovely! i like the little wrislet they have in this. may i ask how much u paid for that? :smile:
  4. gorgeous .. i adore gold guccissima:heart: congrats sweets
  5. LOOOOOVE it!!
  6. Oh yes, I love it. Enjoy!
  7. Congrats.
  8. OHHHHHH that is FABULOUS! I love guccissima!
  9. It was $158ish USD, i believe

    Thanks gals!
  10. I love it, congrats
  11. Very Cute!
  12. I love the color
  13. I love it! That is so beautiful!
  14. Wow, I really love it!!
  15. Love it!