New GUCCI lover here....when do they go on sale online?


May 2, 2007
There's not Gucci store near me so I haven't had much exposure to Gucci bags before but last year, I was at the Mall of America during Thanksgiving (Black Friday weekend sale) and I happened upon a Gucci 40% off pre-sale at Nordstroms :yahoo:I was so excited and just fell in love :love: with the brand.

I ended buying an Abbey tote and a small pelham hobo. I really tried to make the hobo work but sadly, I ended up returning it because it's just too small for what I carry on a daily basis.

Is there a season when Gucci's goes on sale online? either at or at dept. store online sites? I've marked black friday already on my calendar but I was wondering if there are other season sales (spring/summer, fall/winter)? Are they additional discount codes for them? Do the classics such as Pelham, Sukeys go on sale online?

Thanks in advance for the info!
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