New Gucci Dustbags

  1. Why oh why did they decide to change their dustbags??? I thought Gucci had the BEST looking dustbags of any designer!

    Their new one looks so boring and un-luxe.. :sad:

    Anyone else feel the same way or do you love the new dustbag? :shrugs:
  2. ? What does it look like?
  3. Oh.. I never realised that they have a new dustbag. How does it look like?
  4. it's brown and like a big potato sack. :p I like the fabric tho...nice and thick.
  5. Gucci still has some white cotton sleeper bags out there. . . .

    IMHO they ought to give more thought to the silly controllota card and less to the sleepers (but I do like the new shopping bags =)
  6. anyone have the pic of the new dustbag?
  7. I prefer the old dustbag too
  8. Id like to see a pic too...
  9. I like the new one.
  10. hehe, I have the new 'potato sac'. It came with the new cruise line hobo that I just bought. It was my first Gucci, so I was all excited to have the sleek black one then I saw it. I asked the SA if that's what it actually comes in (where's the fab black one?!) She said they were new and apparently supposed to be better for the bag to be stored in - less humidity and more protection for the bag. Oh well...:p I guess it really IS what's inside that counts! ;)
  11. I like the old ones.
  12. u go~! ;)

    it came w/ my Gucci belt bag :push:
  13. That's attractive. I like the new bags!
  14. Thanks for the pic. I don't think they're bad. I do like the older ones better though.
  15. oopsie - I started the thread and didn't come back to see what's up until now!

    The new sleeper isn't bad. I just think from a purely based on looks point of view that it's rather boring compared with the old gucci sleeper... I think the new one pretty much is like the Louis vuitton dustbags except it says Gucci.

    Thanks for posting up a pic of the new one cuz I wouldn't know how to describe it without being too vague!