New Gucci Cypress Wedges!

  1. Here are my new Gucci Cypress wedges.
    (I think im going to return the Prada wedges now)

  2. those are totally cute!
  3. gorgeous .. I love flowery shoes!
  4. I love the style...cute!
  5. cute!

    stinas, you sure do buy shoes often! :drool: :smile:
  6. Wow, congrats! I love them.
  7. I love these, but i loved the prada's more.
  8. cute! def love the pradas more though
  9. so gorgeous.
  10. No don´t return the prada´s. And gucci´s looks also good on you
  11. You guys really like the Prada more???
    Now that I look at them I dont fully like them anymore.
    Dont know what to do now :confused1:
  12. Just Fab!
  13. Those are beautiful!!
  14. keep them! they are unusual (in a good way)
  15. Very Cute.