New Gucci Britt Large Boston Bag!

  1. I bought this from the Gucci website right before their price increase. Here she is, my new baby:
    128_2849 (2).JPG 128_2851 (2).JPG 128_2850 (2).JPG
  2. Sooo pretty....Love the double G's! Now I gotta post mine but I have no camera now :sad:
  3. very nice? is it really big? can u pls post pics carrying it on your shoulder?
  4. ^ I did there should be three pics I attached.
  5. I want this bag sooo bad, it's GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  6. congrats! love the britt bags!
  7. Congrats-it is very pretty!
  8. very very cute, congrats!!!! Is this bag going up in price?
  9. Oh I love this bag, congrats!
  10. A stunner! Congrats.
  11. she's a beauty, congrats and enjoy!
  12. it's so pretty, congrats!!
  13. Congrats! Great bag!
  14. Congrats! Love her.
  15. Lovely! Congrats on the new purse