new gucci bowler bag?

  1. hi i saw this gucci bag that looked like a bowler style in a recent magazine but i cant remember which one.... it was white with cursive gucci writing on it in black... does anyone know which bag im talking about?
  2. this ones?:shrugs:
  3. i might be mistaken though :ninja:
  4. ^I SOOOO want that bag..its from the new collection!Im going to France next week and Plan on buying
  5. I want one.
  6. :love: :love: :love:
  7. thanks for replyin chloe... no its not those ones i saw... it wasnt leather... i think its black material with gucci in white actually written across it... it had white handles too... i found it in the harpers bazaar australia magazine and its priced at 1195... has anyone seen it in the stores?
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