New Gucci Blondie Should I keep?

  1. Ok I went to off 5th tonight to look for a wallet since they have a sale. The wallets are behind the register. I ask the lady to see a few wallets and spot this bag behind the counter. I was thinking maybe its on hold. I have always wanted one in this style but would prefer to have a larger one. So I ask to see the bag.... She keeps grabbing the wallets which I ask for first. Of course since a Gucci is now around I do not care anything about the wallets. So I end up buying the bag and I am thinking you do not see to many new ones so I can just bring it home to think about it since someone would surely buy it soon. So what do you guys think? yes or no?

  2. They have off 5th in italy?? yeah keep it, why not.
  3. No Im in the states till the end of the summer. I wish there was an off 5th in Italy!
  4. I love it, keep it for yourself! The Britt line is to die for.
  5. Keep it - such nice bag
  6. Classic and beautiful...definitely a keeper!
  7. Its definitely a beautiful bag..What's your hesitation with this purchase? Was it a really great deal? or would you rather put the money toward something else?
  8. I guess its a britt not blondie... I thought Blondie was the one with GG very big in front. It was a pretty good deal. I like this style bag with the GGs and have wanted one but wanted a bigger style. I tend to buy tote size bags so not sure if I should keep this one or just wait a while longer to find the tote size.
  9. Yes, it is from the britt line. The blondies have have discontinued for about 3 years now.
  10. I think it's gorgeous. But if you have a certain budget and purse "needs", keep that in mind. KWIM? If you have a lot of tote bags, then this would be suitable for going out when you don't use a larger tote bag. Or if you know you absolutely don't use this type of bag at all, you might want to return it. Think about it for a little bit before you decide to return it or not.
  11. yes keep it
  12. Keep!!!
  13. Only keep it if you will use it. Otherwise return it. It is cute though.
  14. ^^^ i agree
  15. totally keep it, it's a great bag