New Gucci Bags

  1. I was shopping at the Gucci store and saw their latest collection. Fabric GG with rubber double G logo with leather trimmings. It's a pity I couldn't take any pics. Another one was with a laminated film over the fabric. Looked plasticy though.

    Does anyone here know what they are called?:confused1:
  2. Ya..another one.. It's full leather with Gucci badge in gold.:yes:
  3. Have no clue what the gucci bag with the laminated material is called but i have seen it and is not that bad i liked the whole charm detail that was on the front of the bag.
  4. :yes: I saw that one too and I likey! I wonder how much they are?
  5. the laminiated material is called "GG Crsytal" like the GG plus...but its shiny!!! so its a coated canvas!! :smile:

    i think its super cute! but have yet to see it in real life
  6. it is super cute IMO but does sorta look cheapish. They have one that's like a biba style that's $995. The matching wallet to it though is ugly.
  7. I saw a couple of the new Gucci's at the NM store yesterday. They had the gorgeous skins, and several of the new shiny coated bags. Gotta say,the shiny coated bags really looked cheap to me and fake looking. The idea behind them is that they can be wiped clean if they get dirty. I think they want to appeal to new moms out there, but since I'm one - I've got to say a big EWW to them. I would never want one.

    There was one bag there that is part of a new line for the fall that has a pewter trim to it with a light shade of the Guccisima fabric - it was awesome looking. The SA said there will be a whole line of bags coming soon in that style - can't wait to see them. :drool:
  8. Yes, there are a few styles in the sand color canvas and peweter trim at NM San Antonio. I really love them!!! The crystal gg canvas is a very good concept though. Maybe more suitable for a younger client.
  9. I thought the laminated one was a good idea (mom of two boys) but I agree it did look cheap and for almost $1000, I didn't want something that looked fake. A SA said it would prob be on sale in Dec cuz not that many people are liking it and they haven't even sold any!! This was at Rodeo Dr which is ALWAYS maybe I will get one then if it's half off!
  10. I saw it today also at the Rodeo Drive store and I do not care for it. It looks cheap to me.