New Gucci Bag

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  1. Here it is!


  2. oooh pretty!
  3. Congrats! Cute bag!
  4. I have the same bag..bought it at Aruba Gucci store..Its really a great bag.U ill love it...DANG..u done some shoppin..This is the third forum I have seen new purchases of yours!!WELL DONE!!!!
  5. LOL thanks!
    I had to go out after finally finishing finals! LOL

    And you haven't seen some of the damage I did in clothes! Oops!

    Also, I have some shoes that are pre-sale, so I'll get them on thursday. And you can see the matching boots on the Shoe forum hehe
  6. LOL..I have 2 new pairs of Diors comin and a NEW GUCCI BRITT tote...LOL
    Presales are DANGEROUS...HEEHEE!!!!!
  7. cute bag, i love the gg hardwear, i spot a nice Chanel wallet/yummy
  8. it's gorgeous and i love the chanel wallet in it. congrats.