new GTS

  1. So my sister just picked up the GTS for me in black w/ silver chain and I am not sure I really love it!
    I had never seen it in person, only via the forum.
    However, why does it have such a shine? I wish it were more buttery.

    Is there another bag that I am discribing and maybe i got the wrong one?
    Should I keep the GTS and see if it grows on me? Or return it???
  2. The "shine" is due to the caviar leather; leather treated in a specific manner and viturally indestructable.

    The "buttery" leather would be the lambskin.

    I know what you mean. There WAS (and still may be) a tote that is almost identical to the GST (indeed it may BE the GST, just made in lambskin) and has that appearance. I have only seen it now and then; I believe it is an older Chanel line. By older, I mean DECADES ago. It was my first intro to Chanel bags; you just couldn't miss them (plus those flap bags everyone carried in the 80's). HTH
  3. Yeah, I think I've seen someone on here who said they have a GST with the calf leather.
  4. yes, if you chose the GST in brown it would be matte.
    The new Cotton Club totes are more of a matte finish.