New GST vs Old GST

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I did a search and didn't see anything come up... so here I go!
    I think I've finally made a decision on my next bag, which I should be able to get within 3 months. I still have time to decide. I think I will get the GST with silver hardware. My mom has an older one with G/H. I think the silver will allow me to carry it more casually. Anyway... I saw that the GST has changed slightly for 2010. I think I like the new Chanel engraved rings at the top of the bag... but I don't really like how they stitched the double C logo onto the bag itself rather than adding another piece of leather on top of the bag in the shape of the logo. It's more subtle... but I'm not sure I like it... I bet they did this to save on costs....... bah!

    What do you ladies think?
  2. I like the new GST that HoyaLV posted in the Reference thread. IMO, it's a more modern take on the classic. It really grew on me. I prefer the subtlety and contemporary look of the bag and how the logo flows. I think they changed it to modernize, as well as, slimming the turn-lock on classic flaps.
  3. i also like that the new gst has the engravings on the rings where the straps are... also, there's a strap key chain inside... which is nice. i like the new design... i just got the gold hardware... and am loving it.
  4. Thanks :smile: Your input is greatly appreciated! I guess I should also consider the fact that if I will be needing repairs in the future... they will have more stock of parts for the new GST...
  5. I too prefer the new GST. It grows more and more on me the more I see it! I really like the rings engraved with the Parisian addy, but I truly love how much more subtly incorporated within the diamond quilting the CCs are.
  6. As a new owner of the 2009 GST and having looked at the new GST at Chanel in Soho today, my opinion is this -- I love the engraving on the rings on the new GST, but much prefer the stiched on CC on the old GST, so I guess I kinda like them both! :smile:
  7. I have the old GST.. haven't seen the new ones but from pictures, I think you won't go wrong either way! The GST is just a classic, gorgeous bag.
  8. Additionally, I am pleased because the new style will make my old style more of a collector's item years from now!:P
  9. I actually prefer the older version of the GST, I don't really like the new stiching.. I don't think it looks so good. And I'm not a huge fan of the new rings on the new GST.. But I would love to have that little keything in my older version of the GST :smile:

    Good luck, and I'm sure you will be satisfied with either of the bags, go witht he one you like the most :smile:
  10. me too! luv the more subdued logo... coming from a minimalist :smile:
  11. I want to know who less boxy a new GST is.
  12. I like the new GST better then the old one with the engraving on the rings, the key thing and the new stitching. But I would prefer the old leather as opposed to washed. I have the new one coming next month so it will be exciting to see....
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    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    Thank you all ladies for your thoughtful input!
    Perhaps the best option for me would be to go to my boutique and compare both models if they have them in stock. I could compare the two right there. I hope to go soon since the older GST should eventually sell out.

    scholastican... I like the address too!

    Milo... and Cari you are right... I cannot go wrong with either!

    Alice... you are right... your GST will be a collector's item in the years to come!

    Pursenality... I too am a minimalist... maybe the subtle logo will grow on me...

    NSCwong... I want to know how less boxy the new one is too... I prefer the boxier shape

    erinrose... Congratulations! Could you tell me if you have the option of getting washed leather or the old leather with the 2010 bags? Or do they all come with washed leather. Personally... I would like a rigid GST.

    BTW... does anyone know about the quality of these new 2010 models? I guess it's too early to tell.
  15. Yes erin.... maybe it's not possible to get the older version anymore, which will solve my problem.

    Sorry... could you tell me if your new 2010 GST is rigid or washed? Could you tell me if you have the option of choosing rigid or washed for the new 2010 GSTs?
    Thank you~~~~!