New GST!! And collection pic...

  1. Okay, so here is my new GST that I got for last weeks EGC...I love it!
    halloween 2035.jpg halloween 2034.jpg
  2. congrats! it looks lovely on you!
  3. And here's the whole fam...

    Black GST, black jumbo with SH, beige PST, red vintage bucket bag, and white E/W with new chain...
    halloween 2036.jpg
  4. Congrats! Love your new GST!! and you look fab!!!!:tup::smile:
  5. hello gorgeous!! beautiful collection.
  6. Very nice collection. The GST looks great on you!
  7. gorgeous collection! love all the pieces!
  8. Lovely!
  9. Congrats I :love: the GSTs and your collection is great! Enjoy your beautiful bags.:smile:
  10. It's gorgeous!
  11. congrat on the gst:yahoo:...and your collection is lovely. :love:i think the vintage red bag is really special!:girlsigh:
  12. Love your GST and collection!
  13. congrats on your new gst! I love your collection - a nice variety of styles and neutral colour picks that'll last you forever! Especially loving your red eBay cutie!
  14. Love the GST!
    and great collection :tup:

  15. Loveee it, congrats!!