New Gryson Skye! :)

  1. I got my first Gryson bag...a dark brown Skye! I LOVE the way it looks! The only thing that I had to figure out was the shoulder strap situation. I don't intend to wear it..but found it to look a bit goofy when I took it off. I figured out a way for it to NOT get in the way and look nice. I just wanted to share what I did to it.

    The bag :biggrin:

    Top view: That's as much as I open it I criss-crossed the straps under so that they don't get in the way.

    Side view: cross action going on ;)


    Buttoned the straps under so that they stay put. :smile:
  2. Looks great! Love Gryson!
  3. Beautiful! I love the contrast with the brown and black.
  4. very adorable. congrats!
  5. BEAUTIFUL bag, great color! I have seen the straps wrapped under but never criss-crossed. Looks very cool!
  6. Cool. I just got an Olivia (same color) which has the same type of straps. the longer strap does get somewhat in the way but in my case I do like to be able to put on shoulder some of the time and I think if I did what you did it would make it inconvenient when you want to use the shoulder straps. But if you're not using them, great to get them out of the way.
  7. thanks all. :smile: any of you that have a the zipper SUPER Stiff? Hopefully, as time goes'll smooth out.
  8. Yes zipper is hard to work too. Sometimes when I'm out and about I leave it open. Bue I expect the way to get it to work easier is to use it.
  9. least I now know that they are ALL that way. One of my handles is SLIGHTLY longer than the other, too...but I figure it'll stretch out and even-out eventually. :p
  10. How funny...that's exactly what I did to my straps too! I think it looks nice! My zipper is extremely stiff too. I read on here someone used clear chapstick to help smooth it out a bit and it supposedly worked well. Congrats on your new bag!
  11. I use chapstick on all of my Grysons. My new ones are all super stiff but My two oldest ones (about 2 years old) glide easily now. Turn on a good sitcom, plop yourself on the couch, slicker up the teeth with clear unscented chapstick and have a zipper-fest for a good half hour. They should work good after that...and your arm muscles get a work out. :smile:
  12. Gorgeous! I love that brown.
  13. Thanks for the chapstick suggestion!
  14. Wow that looks great!
  15. Lovely bag - great choice! My Gryson zippers were very stiff too, but have loosened up a bit with use.

    Enjoy your new Skye!

    (Don't you just love that suede lining? :graucho:)