New groom items + update

  1. Hi all,
    I just got off the phone with my SA confirming my wait list for the groom cles and adding for the round coin and a couple wallets.
    She told me no known release date. They do have SKU numbers though and I'm on a national wait list.
    Then she asks me "Are you on the list for the new keychains" :wtf: Not the round coin or the cles but actual keychains. She said they don't have a SKU number yet or any info on them.

    Anyone know what she's talking about????
  2. I spoke to the SA Diana I belive from the toronto bloor st. boutique and she said end of spetember when I asked after I put my name down for the round coin purse and the Zippy wallet.
  3. The have these keychains that have the chain with the clasp and the Groom in and ad printed in ink on Natural Vahcetta...maybe that's it?
  4. I was told sept/early October. The key chain I saw is like the inventuer one, it is like a flat luggage tag stamped with the groom guy & LV on the end of a key ring. It looks cute.
  5. Thank you taco for the info!
    I'll be calling again in a few weeks to see if they have a confirmed release date!
    I'm crossing my fingers that I'm high enough on the list!
  6. i asked one of the store in my city, and the SA has noooo idea what i was talking about.. i asked her if there was a waiting list and she just has no clue whatsoever... so its out september 2006 right?
  7. Or possibly October. The computers do have a waitlist for all items. Maybe you can call 866 and get on the list?
  8. You're from Australia right, Sydney? The SA should know otherwise ask for the manager, I was told early Oct.
  9. I to am on the list.. and talked with my SA today and he said they pushed the release date back to the 24th of October so he says???

  10. omg r u serious? WTH I NEED it B4 the 24th!
  11. Yes, that is what he said- here in Texas- I saw another thread where they showed the pics of the Groom and seems like they may get them earlier?
  12. I have photo of them and I know it will be 2 different mottifs.
  13. I called Frankfurt store today and was told that the line will be released on September 25, 2006.
  14. Moko....thank you for the picture. Yes, my SA said there will be 2 of them.
  15. My SA said October too