"New" groom colors- hehe

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  1. :sick: They're very terrible!!!:mad: :rant:
  2. They really need to try harder...
  3. WTF??! They are so pathetic. :throwup:
  4. ugly....!!!!!!!!
  5. those look horrible... not even a good attempt to fake it.
  6. That's not even ROUND...YUKKK!! :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  7. I like the blue on the rond even tho its fake! and too dark
  8. hate them!
  9. ick! Just in time for some poor unsuspecting husband to buy one for his wife for Christmas. Bleh!
  10. VERY TRUE!!!! :sad:
  11. :sick: .
  12. ick - I really hope someone does their homework before bidding!
  13. :shocked: oh my....
    The SO was standing behind me when I was looking at those pics...he starts to comment that, "the colours aren't right", "the stripes are not in correct sequence", "did they even make that one in that colour?"......

    WOW! I'm impressed! I guess he does listen when I talk to him about LV! I guess he's also starting to pay more attention to detail after his own purchases too. -- Either that or he has been on tPF!:P
  14. I wished the collection had different colors, especially the compact wallet...but not this way! ick.
  15. The yellow is very...bright :wtf: