"New" groom colors- hehe

  1. Who thought that inventing new colors was a good idea? Almost worst is the terrible quality of the screen printing :yucky: And they're already popping up on eBay :s
    M61926L.jpg M61926R.jpg M61926Y.jpg M20005Y.jpg M61725Y.jpg
  2. Yeesh.
  3. Fakes are horrible!
  4. Oh my....
    Thank god I got my Groom stuff a couple days ago!
  5. :throwup:
  6. ewwwwwww!
  7. haha. i think i've seen that blue port monnae rond on eBay before.
  8. thats so sad.
  9. Ewwwwww
  10. omfg that hurt my poor eyes ewwwww!
    specially since im getting a groom key and change holder tomorow!
  11. simply UGLY!!!
  12. :sick::shocked::wtf:
  13. blue is nice. i like blue. why dont they make a blue one. grr. even a pretty medium gray blue. that'd be nice too. damn them.
  14. Gahh. :throwup:
  15. Yay... I wanted a red rond for awhile now! :nuts:

    NOT!!! :roflmfao:
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