New Gris paddy on its way to my house

  1. Ok, so I have a nutmeg on the way from Chloe NY. Have no idea what I am in for with it and have a back-up plan to exchange it if the color does not wow me! So in the past 72 hours I got on a b-bag kick thanks to PF!! So I get my husband to stop in Barneys today to check them out. He is away on business in Chicago, and there are no Balenciaga or Chloes where I live. Plus he was headed to Barneys anyway to buy himself some shoes. He calls me from his cell so we can discuss what he is seeing... He spotted an Ink colored Balenciaga and then wandered over to the Chloe section. They had a gris paddy that he said was really nice and pebbly. (Mind you I have never seen any of these colors IRL). So I was waffling back and forth between the ink or grenat b-bag, having him analyze colors, he was asking the SA for help, then I would started questioning him about the gris paddy vs. mousse....and so on! He finally got annoyed and said "I am buying them both, the gris paddy and ink b-bag"! He said I cold figure it out at home!!! So now I have all sorts of goodies headed my way! I cannot keep them all, and while I sound like a spoiled little brat with all of this, let me tell you that prior to the month of August I had been faithfully carrying my Gucci hobo around since last fall, simply curious about the Chloe bag. This is all very new to me. I do not have a large collection of handbags. And as for my husband....I am very lucky that I try to take interest in all of his sports craziness and in return, he takes interest in all my fashion/handbag craziness.
  2. :upsidedown: My husband would roll over and die before he wandered INTO the bag section to scope out bags for me, much less buy me TWO LOL.
    I don't even think he knows what the hell pebbly IS.

    Lucky, lucky woman.
    Keep them both!!
  3. If I ever saw my PHH shopping in a handbag section for me....Id turn to stone...ROFLMAO..:roflmfao: :nuts:

    You are a LUCKY DUCK!!!!
  4. I will say that I occasionally play the sympathy card! Pathetic but true! He gets to dine out and travel and has a very fun career, and I stay at home with our 4 kids-very rewarding but draining. So sometimes he does it as a special treat for me because he realizes I go a little nuts at home.
  5. I also forgot to mention that he played in a softball tournament from 9:30am-midnight on Sat, headed to a fantasy football draft from 9am-2pm on Sunday and then left town at 5am Monday!! So there is a little sucking up involved here. And if my forum name doesn't give it away, I have 15 month old triplets and a 4 year old. So really when I say draining, I really mean draining. But that sounds negative and he is a great guy and my children are absolutley amazing little people!
  6. Your hubby rocks Triplets!! I can't believe he bought them BOTH- so very cool. That is exactly what my DH would have done!!! We are soo luck!! :drinkup:

    Post lots of pics as soon as he gets home with your new bags!!
  7. Geez you are lucky girl! Congrats!!! My DH is a PHH for *sure*. I wish he would do that for me! All I get is scolded lol :sad:
  8. What is PHH???

    Do we have any confirmed Gris owners??? He said it does have a silver lock, but is fefinitely not mousse, tag does say gris and SA said it was new. On a B-bag note....if I may....was ink a good choice, or should I have gone with grenat?? This is just a fun bag, and I haven't seen either color in person. I am tempted to have the grenat thrown into the shipment just so I will have them person to compare???
  9. RIGHT-O! You are a princess and thus should be pampered as so. Believe me, I have *suffered* through plenty of fantasy leagues, Yankee games and Sunday night football games to warrant at least 20 trips to the handbag department in a department store! :lol: I listen intently as he banters on about A-Rod sucking butt this year so you bet my hubby knows exactly what "pebbly" and "smooshy" means!

    That is FABULOUS that you are getting two bags this week! I bet you'll pick the VG! What happened to the grenat bbag though? They didn't have it?
  10. ahhh what a fab hubby to do that, but you completely deserve it ;) Four children under four, damn it, you deserve the bags in every single colour :biggrin:

    Cannot wait to see the piccies. My hubby too is also more than happy to wander the stores and pick things up for me. He actually went to the Chloe store last year, in St Honore, Paris, and I had translated everything I needed him to ask into French, but when he got there they spoke better english than the english lol :biggrin:

    congratulations, enjoy drooling over your fab new bags. I always go on my very first impression with these, its the one that is the truest!
  11. Wow that's really sweet! I love to hear stories about couples who really care about each other's interests. :heart:

    And you completely deserve it! It must be so stressful with 4 kids. I think being a mom is the hardest job and you need to have appreciation shown to you! :yes:
  12. You deserve both bags Triplets. What a cute story and your husband was such a trooper to compare bags for you on a business trip.
  13. PHH = purse hating husband :lol:
  14. They had grenat. He went by two things since I was of little help.....which was most popular, the answer was INK. And the SA asked if I wore a lot of burgundy, he said no, she recommended INK. He went with it! I disagree w/ the SA that it should "match" a burgundy wardrobe, I think it should add some contrast. But right now so many bags, such short return poicies, probably best to recieve the INK and exchange it for grenat if it isn't perfect for me.

    And regarding the Gris Chloe, I want to hate it, but am betting it will be beautiful!!
  15. Triplets05...keep both!!! I think you have the honor of being the first Gris Paddy owner on tPF. BTW, your husband's an absolute gem.

    Post pics, ok :smile: