New Grey Python Paraty Color Bag - DO U LIKE IT?

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  1. I think paraty python in grey looks stunning! I was eyeing for it when I was looking in the website too! Too bad, the price is totally out of my range!
  2. SaskiaS-

    I have seen the medium python Paraty in grey IRL. I would say that the Chloe website photos do not do the color justice, as it appears more washed out in the photos.

    IRL it looks like a light grey but it has an undertone of lilic/lavendar. It does have a very slight whitish undercast as well, but it definitely has a light lilac undertone to the grey. It is absolutely beautiful in person. It's a bit too light for my taste, and if I were to go with python I would rather go with a different, perhaps slightly darker/warmer color for python in Paraty. But if money were no object, I would definitely get this one as well b/c the color is very special! :nuts:
  3. truly stunning!!!!!
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    OMG - love the grey python from when it first appeared. stunning colour.
    I have only seen the grey appear in python any seems to be only 1 shade. I'd say it has just photgraphed differently.
  5. wow.. thanks for showing those bags... i love the wallet as well...
  6. hey madforchloe,

    May I ask were u saw the bag??

    the light grey phython bag only came out this summer 2010 or??

    because there was a darker grey this winter (what I actually hated).

    Thank you in Advance.
  7. SaksiaS-

    The one I saw was not the darker grey. When you say the darker grey one I think you mean the one that has the very obvious python look - the scales and color look very python, but not in a good way IMO. The one I saw is the light Grey one at the Chloe boutique in Costa Mesa, California in the US. They had just gotten it when I was there. I also saw the medium Paraty in Beige python, which they also had just gotten in, which is a completely different color than the Beige python in Marcie. Not sure if they still have the Grey python or sold out of it. They seemed to have quite a bit of the spring collection when I was there last.
  8. Absolutely gorgeous, both of them!!! (I love gray bags in general).

    I have never been one for exotics but the python paraty is amazing. If I had the patience to save up that much, that would be my first choice for an exotic. :love:
  9. i love it in grey!
  10. Can only open the second one, the paraty in python is beautiful - haven't seen the grey IRL, but sure it's gorgy.
  11. Yep its gorgeous, saw it in IRL, beautiful!!:heart:
  12. madforchloe - got a new bag (profile picture) :smile: ? Revealing pics?
  13. SaskiaS - Thanks for asking. Yep, my new avatar is my newest bag, Paraty in "Dune." I'll post a reveal soon. I'm always so late with my reveals that by the time I decide to finally take pics, so much time has passed I have to ask myself "is this a new bag anymore, or should I wait to do a reveal when I get another?" It's my lazy and procrastinating side...

    I will definitely post when we get some sunshine and can capture it in the daylight. :sunshine:
  14. I could only open the second link, but I LOOOOVE it!!! Actually this is one bag I would really love to ANY color!!! :love: I wish I could see any of them IRL!