New grey betty

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  1. I like the Betty - very nice - :biggrin:
  2. Very interesting color!:love:
  3. Great colour...could you post a picture of it on,please?
  4. Geeez.....I've gotta stay on this forum.

    Lovin' it! Agree with others, would love to see a picture of your wearing it.
  5. Great bag! Please let me know what you can fit in those 2 front pockets....I can't tell how big they are. Thanks.
  6. i like it. now, will it be high maintenance to maintain? enjoy.
  7. I love your new bag!
  8. love it - is the large betty?
  9. Size wise is perfect. But it is light weight. Very comfortable over the shoulder and under the arm.
  10. yes, it is large size.
  11. it has 4 pockets total,2 on each side. I can put my keys, cell, PDA and some other things in them. Very good size.