New Green Ombre Chain Mandeville

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  1. The DHL main just delivered the bag! I took some quick pictures. They aren't great, but I wanted to get some up for everyone to see.

    If you have any questions/pictures requests just let me know.


  2. Gorgeous!
  3. wow that is beeaauutiful! Your pics are making me fall in love, they show off the bag way better than the stock photos!
  4. WOW! I'm likin the green more now! Thanks for the pics
  5. kwitthyy, when I sent the pics to DH, he said the same thing. I'm trying to capture the 'essence' of the bag. I'm still working on getting the blue to show up as a dark blue and not a black. Maybe the flash....
  6. Oh lovely! I thought that was blue and not black, but wasn't sure!

    In the first pic it looks more blue
  7. It is more blue than black. But it's a really dark blue. I'm going to have to try some flash in a bit and see if it shows better.
  8. it's gorgeous! where's the blue? it looks blk
  9. OH it so pretty, I am now in LOVE that i think will be mandeville #3 i don't really like the BW in the mandeville but that is a knockout!
  10. It's so beautiful! I really really want one now. I do have a question though..does it have the metal foot(it should have 5 on the bottom) in the center of the stripe? I know the older mandevilles do but I'm thinking they stopped doing that with the newer prints for some reason. I love it! Congratulations!
  11. Veni Vidi Vici, there are 5 feet on the bottom. The fifth is in the center of the white stripe.
  12. awesome..I wonder why the BE mandeville doesn't..:confused1:
  13. anyone have a WL mandeville? I wonder if it is missing a foot too? I'll have to check next time at nordies. Since the WL and BE came out around the same time.Or how about the camel/ombre checkerboard? anyone have one of those?
  14. Beautiful bag!!! The green is brighter than I thought. Also, did you say the leather trim was dark blue and not black??
  15. I'm pretty sure the leather trim is a really dark blue. I'll take some pictures with the flash, and see if that helps.