New green bag: HELP!

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  1. I bought on internet a woderful Vernis Bedford in peppermint...
    I'm a little expert, so I thought that the bag is original.

    It came from Asia, and has only moth ball smell.

    I thought it was used to preserve it, but....:wtf:

    A friend of mine told me: " Ah! It's the proof it's a fake! You're not able to understand it... only 'cause is a good fake.
    But it's a fake!

    I'm totally in crisis!!!

    Is my friend envious or.... oh, I don't wanna write it.....:crybaby:

    May I put the link of the bag?
    Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Bedford Peppermint Bag (260163982481)


  2. looks real to me
  3. Please keep authenticity questions to the authenticate this thread.

    Also, a lot of items from Asia do have the moth ball smell simply because moth balls are necessary to help preserve items. It isn't a sign of a fake.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.