New gray coming?

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  1. I have been whining for some time about wanting a medium to dark gray veneta. I think my desire is going to be fulfilled this fall. As usual, I dithered around about ordering a fume veneta and now they are sold out. I began looking around online and saw that Saks was offering a nice gray for pre-order. Most people wear at least some black but gray is my black. The site says it will be shipped in November.

    I am posting the photo they have on their site and am hoping that it is an accurate color representation.

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  2. Yay! It looks like the perfect color for you!!
  3. It looks like Ardoise to me.
  4. there is another thread about Fume
  5. It could be Ardoise but it does look a hair lighter. I am going to be optimistic and think Tomas read Diane's pleas!
  6. I agree. It looks like Ardoise.
  7. I think it is Ardoise as I have a large veneta in the color.
  8. It certainly could be an older gray photo in anticipation of a newer gray that is being offered for pre-order. I did notice that Saks seems to use the correct names, while I have found the NM site to use names such as "medium brown", "dark brown", etc. But I am certainly hoping that even if the photo is an older gray, that a new gray is on its way. Of course, I could just be delusional!!!!:smile:
  9. What shade of gray are you hoping for?
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    Last edited: Apr 20, 2014
    Medium oxford grey would be perfect but I know i will need to be flexible. I had a very dark gray sloane but it was too big for me and another tpfer wanted it so it has been adopted by her. I am currently carrying a medium gray vintage bag and love that color. However, I would like a medium Veneta in gray. I took this with my ipad trying to catch the color. I think the color in the photo is darker than irl. If the one in the ad is Ardoise, I would love to find one of those. I think that would be a great gray for me. I prefer a gray that does not verge on black, if that makes sense. Maybe I should start looking online for a preloved Ardoise Veneta.

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  11. I just spoke with a SA about the turnlock clutch and he said it was going to be coming in grey for fall / winter. I asked if it was similar to Ardoise and he said no, it was not as dark grey / almost black as that, but it was more of a charcoal grey. So perhaps it is the same grey you posted from Saks.
  12. Thank you so very much for that info!!!!! I'll wait for it. It sounds like the perfect shade for me.
  13. The new gray color mystery is solved. I'm in Las Vegas and being the crazy BVette I am, I visited all 3 boutiques today after my extremely bumpy flight from Amarillo landed. I needed some exercise and the walk in the sunshine was great! The Las Vegas flagship boutique at the Shops at the Crystals just received the "New Light Gray" Roma today. I snapped some pix and will post them when I get home on Thursday night. I'm sure it is the same color you saw on the Saks website. I tried on the Ardroise Tread Uomo Cabat. OMG. I need this bag. The boutique special ordered it from Europe. It is the only one in the US. It is surprisingly light and supple. Now if I only had a spare $16K it would snap it up. I did buy the Rouggine bracelet to match my lanyard.
  14. Omg! Thank you! I am excited to see the photos. As far as the cabat goes, I guess they think someone will hit the casinos, win big, and buy it. $16K is a hell of a lot of coffee. If I never purchased another latte, I couldn't fund that. You are so loyal to BV that they should give you a discount. I hope you post a pix of the cabat too.
    I'm changing your title from BV Bag Whisperer to BV Ambassador in Charge of Search & Find. Lucky for me you have a real knack for it.
  15. I'll post the the new gray and cabat pix tonight. The store manager at Crystals sent me more pix of the Ardoise Extra Large Cabat and explained how the leather is prepared. Sigh... I don't gamble in Vegas but I think I'll pop for a Lotto ticket for Saturday night. I've got some extra incentive now to sell off some of my bags I don't use including some nice, original vintage Coach that were made in NYC.